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How to make your employees your greatest asset


featuring Rob Nankervis with Natasha Hawker

In Episode Seven of the Propelling Performance Podcast, Rob speaks with Natasha Hawker, Managing Director of Employee Matters. Natasha shares her insights into the impact of the COVID pandemic on workplaces; what businesses are doing right and what need to be done better; the common mistakes leaders are making with employee engagement; key points on amplifying your culture and how to retain and look after your people as we navigate a COVID normal world. Natasha also shares an excellent HR tool for leaders, Employee Matters’ Employee Commitment Model.

“There is so much untapped opportunity for improvement in the people management space. COVID has absolutely brought this to the forefront in a way we had never seen or believed possible.” – Natasha Hawker

The skill gaps COVID has highlighted in businesses:

  • Knowing how to hire and exit employees in the industrial relations space
  • Knowing your rights and your employee’s rights.

In businesses that are doing well, these things are being done right:

  • Every single person knows what they personally need to do to move the needle, get results and achieve business objectives and strategy
  • There are skilled interviewers who know the culture and values and how to maintain and hire for it
  • Employees experience stretch in the workplace
  • They are clear on strategy and quarterly performance breakdowns
  • They are clear on purpose.

“Employees are not just looking for a place to work, they are looking for a place where they can also make a difference.

“People are much more driven by working for a company that has a great purpose, than just taking a great salary.” – Natasha Hawker

What leaders need to do better in the HR space:

  • Know how to hire and structure an interview
  • Get better at Employee Value Proposition (EVP) – what’s in it for the candidate
  • Candidate management – all candidates should feel nurtured and considered through the process.

The most common mistakes leaders are making with employee engagement:

  • Lack of trust
  • Lack of investment in training – teams
  • Lack of investment in HR / recruitment
  • Little or outdated awareness of employee relations obligations.

Key points to remember on amplifying your culture:

  • Remember, people don’t leave organisations, they leave leaders.
  • How much is your business investing in the development of your management team?
  • Can you articulate the culture in your business? Can your team describe it?
  • How do your employees talk about you and your management team when you are not around? What would they be saying about you?

Tips for leaders as we navigate a COVID normal world:

  • Mental health issues are going to increase
  • There is an expectation that worker’s compensation claims will also increase
  • Do you have an Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)?
  • Vaccine management and workplace policies – do you have a vaccine policy? Do you know your rights and your employee’s rights?
  • The number one thing to be doing is conducting ‘stay’ interviews to work out the best way to retain your people
  • People are questioning what’s important to them and flexibility and connectivity is key.

Natasha’s Top Tips

Culture is the ‘secret sauce’ and most businesses don’t value it.

Remember, you are always recruiting.

Be very clear with your Employee Value Proposition.

Take action!

  • What is your employee ROI? How do you measure that?
  • If you’re not getting the right fit and experiencing employee churn, you need to fix that gap.
  • Understanding where you need to focus your energies will make a significant difference to your bottom line.

Natasha’s recommended Tools for Leaders

Click here to view in YouTube:

The Employee Commitment Model

Culture Amp –

“Australia is lagging behind when it comes to employee productivity. Most businesses don’t even know how to measure productivity in the workplace.” – Natasha Hawker