Propelling Performance | Why your business is stalling and what you can do about it

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At last – a book that supports leaders in not only surviving – but thriving. Rob Nankervis’ first book, Propelling Performance provides a simple, step-by-step guide to surfacing underlying beliefs, shaping strategy, developing execution disciplines, and adopting the leadership traits that actually drive success.

“Many businesses remain in mediocrity as they make the same mistakes over and over, trying to use the same thinking that got them stuck to get them moving again. Leading a business out of this trap is difficult. Rob has helped hundreds of businesses and leaders, and he can help you too.”

Verne Harnish, Founder, Gazelles, Scaling Up and EO Author: Scaling Up, The Greatest Business Decisions of All Time and Mastering the Rockefeller Habits

“Most businesses lack a sense of purpose to which their staff can connect and a set of strong values to which people can subscribe. Today’s workplace is founded more on policy and less on passion.”

Rob Nankervis

About Propelling Performance

  • Propelling Performance meets the growing demand for practical, clear, seasoned advice for leaders and aspiring leaders to successfully and sustainably drive performance, growth and valuation in their mid-tier business.

  • It is increasingly being recognised that despite spending significant sums on new technology, acquisitions, innovation programs, and changes to their teams, organisations are not achieving the results that they seek. In Rob’s view they are stuck in a cycle of short term actions and reactions. On the contrary, other higher-performing organisations are working on another plane, creating a positive vortex that is purposeful, strategic and delivers results.

  • As a professional who has worked across a multitude of sectors and consulted at senior levels, Rob has developed and curated key insights from his experience and captured it in Propelling Performance.

  • This book is especially designed for Founder/Owners, CEOs and their senior leadership teams as they deal with the twin challenges of scaling their business whilst transitioning into a more complex leadership role.

  • For those already in significant leadership roles, this book will offer them insights on nuances they may not have linked – for instance the important foundation of values and purpose, and how they inform the establishment of coherent organisational goals. Or the critical elements that ensure that strategy is successfully executed.

  • For newer or more junior leaders, the book will assist them to successfully and credibly move from functional/technical roles into substantive leadership roles.

  • Propelling Performance offers a new model for thinking about the key interacting elements that drive organisational success, which is yet to be offered elsewhere. Other books tend to focus on individual success elements, such as strategic planning or leadership development, rather than an integrated and ordered view of the foundational drivers of success.

  • The book provides an insider’s tips to leadership, allowing leaders to recognise the symptoms of performance issues and craft thoughtful, sustainable solutions. They can confidently avoid the distractions of leadership fads and instead enjoy the comfort of driving success from the solid foundations of growth that they create.

If you have always wanted to excel as a leader, this is the book for you.

“Get on any peak-hour train, bus or tram, or look around at your fellow passengers in an airline business lounge, or stuck in peak hour traffic. Look at their faces. I’ve been doing this lately and it bothers me.

I see little joy, energy or passion on its way to work. That’s bad news for you as a leader, because some of these people could be on your team, and it’s bad news for the rest of us, because we’re probably being served by them when we deal with your business.”

Rob Nankervis



A business consultant, advisor and executive coach with 30 years’ experience, Rob has in-depth expertise across a range of sectors, organisation sizes, ownership structures, and lifecycle stages. Strategic planning, organisational review and managing change are Rob’s speciality.

He coaches Founder/owners, CEOs and senior executives, supporting them through business performance challenges, growth periods and company transformations.

Rob Nankervis - Propelling Performance

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