Welcome to the Propelling Performance Podcast, an in-depth interview series with top business experts and leaders from across the globe. In conversation with host, Rob Nankervis, each guest shares their insights and experiences to help founders, owners and leaders drive the performance, growth and valuation of their mid-tier businesses.

Your Propelling Performance Podcast host, Rob Nankervis is a business coach, speaker and author. One of Australia’s most respected Scaling Up coaches, Rob draws on over 30 years’ experience across a range of sectors, organisation sizes, ownership structures, and lifecycle stages to offer strategic growth programs, 1:1 executive coaching sessions, public Scaling Up Workshops and Masterclasses. Rob’s first business book, Propelling Performance, was published in February 2021.

In Episode Nine, Andrew Griffiths talks about future proofing your business. Andrew specialises in future-proofing businesses across virtually every industry and every corner of the planet. At a time in history when we are all struggling to think about what the future holds, Andrew provides us with a crucial reminder that as leaders, we must be consciously and consistently future proofing our businesses, not just during times of crisis. Using real life examples and Andrew’s own global client base, we explore the biggest mistakes companies are making right now, why we must know how to adapt to survive and Andrew’s seven-step framework for future-proofing yourself and your business.

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In Episode Eight, Ken shares his advice on the best approach to embedding good governance into your mid-tier business, by considering governance as a strategic approach to shaping the future of your organisation. Ken details some of the fears that hold organisations back, real-life examples of bad governance we have seen in the last 12-18 months and the key actions you can take to get started. He simplifies the process, concepts and language surrounding governance, so it is relevant and relatable – ‘keep it simple and use concepts that your organisation lives and breathes.”

In Episode Seven, Warren shares his wealth of experience in strategic business growth through acquisition and how mid-tier businesses can benefit through adopting acquisition as a growth strategy. He reveals the lessons learned through his own successes (and failures) in the manufacturing sector and how he now assists clients through the strategic acquisition process. Warren takes the ‘mystery’ out of acquisitions, exploring key points for businesses looking to grow, how to evaluate and maximise opportunities.

In Episode Six, Katrina shares her unique expertise and understanding of Australia’s most influential market segment – mums. Katrina highlights the changing mum market; explores the many new opportunities for brands; busts some stereotypical ‘mum myths’; shares new trends developing out of the COVID-19 pandemic and educates us on how businesses can more accurately target their messages to reach mums.

In Episode Five, Nick talks about his experiences in two very different businesses as CEO – working with highly creative, driven entrepreneurs who wanted to move their business in a new direction and wholeheartedly believed in Nick’s approach – ‘if nothing changes, nothing changes.’ Nick explores how he found ways to successfully work with his founder/owners to take over ‘their baby’; successfully worked through ‘thresholds of trust’ and guided and created change that materially improved the businesses.

In Episode Four, Kaihan shares his belief that strategy is a living, breathing thing and asks the question – how do we focus our attention, activities and assets to achieve what we really want? Drawing on his immense knowledge and experience gained in working with some of the world’s leading companies, he shares the five most common mistakes people make when trying to tune their strategy for success, why we should always let our vision, values and purpose guide our work and discusses the 36 different lenses used by Outthinker to generate strategic concepts.

Business Strategist and CEO, Kaihan Krippendorff is considered to be one of the eight most influential innovation thought leaders in the world. Kaihan’s growth strategy and innovation consulting firm, Outthinker has generated over $2.5B in revenue for clients. He is a best-selling author of five books, member of the prestigious Thinkers50 radar group, a top keynote speaker and teaches at many international business schools.



In Episode Three, Rob speaks with a coaching client, Stephen Ellich, about his experience moving from a corporate leadership role to CEO and Managing Director of UCS Group, a high growth, family-owned business, where he works in partnership with the founder and a private equity company. Stephen shares his insights into working effectively with a diverse board and how his passion for leadership and the Scaling Up approach has built alignment, engagement and exceptional high performance teams at UCS, before, during and beyond the COVID pandemic.

Stephen Ellich is Managing Director and CEO of UCS Group, a speciality infrastructure and sustainability services contractor. He has spent more than 25 years governing and leading large, complex, national organisations through establishment, development and transformational change; helping to deliver sustainable growth, customer engagement and solid business fundamentals. As a leader, Stephen draws on values and practical hands-on management to deliver a customer centric experience, operational excellence and innovation.

In Episode Two, Eric Partaker shares the life or death moment which was the catalyst to changing the way he thought about peak performance. Eric and Rob explore a range of practical strategies and mindset changes to help leaders operate at a peak level without sacrificing their health and relationships. Eric also discusses how to define ‘the best version of you’; the key differences between being ‘an amateur or a professional’ and why we should learn the practice of focusing on ‘the one thing’.

Eric Partaker helps CEOs, entrepreneurs, and leaders reach their full potential, become better leaders and build better companies. Eric’s approach draws upon his own broad experience and entrepreneurial journeys, behavioural science from Stanford University and peak performance leadership techniques from elite sports and the military. He was named CEO of the Year at the 2019 UK Business Excellence Awards.

In Episode One, Rob and intellectual property expert, Andrew Chalet discuss the ‘hidden’ value in your business, and how to protect it and use it to your advantage. Rob and Andrew discuss some of the typical barriers and myths surrounding intellectual property, and the advantages of an intellectual property audit – a deep dive that will help you understand the true value of your business.

Andrew Chalet specialises in the commercialisation of intellectual property; technology transactions; intellectual property audits, registration and enforcement; privacy, data protection and information technology, with a particular focus on small and medium-sized enterprises.



"I strongly believe trust is earned. It is generated through consistent demonstration of both great character and competence. Rob has oodles of both! Rob Nankervis is a rock star… and more importantly, a valued and trusted friend.”
Nick Beckett
Consultant & Strategic Advisor, ex-CEO of Dimple
"Rob is one of those people who will go the extra mile and bring his knowledge, experience and network to the table, adding massive value to his clients and colleagues. As a fellow Business Coach I recommend Rob as a great source of guidance and wisdom.”
Andres Zylberberg
Business Growth Coach and Scaling Up Certified Coach
"Rob has helped our Management Team focus on strategic planning and establishing more rigorous goal setting processes through quarterly workshops. His personality and skill sets have made this an enjoyable journey and the outcomes are flowing through to our day to day business.”
Daniel Crawford
General Manager Hallam Truck Centre