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How to maximise marketing to mums

Episode – Six

featuring Rob Nankervis with Katrina McCarter

Founder of Marketing to Mums, Katrina McCarter is a wealth of information about Australia’s most influential market segment – mums. In this episode, Katrina shares insights, gained through in-depth market research, on the changing mum market, to give businesses the latest information on tailoring their marketing messages more effectively to mums.

“It’s about getting the right information available and accessible to these prospective mums, on the right channels. It’s so vital that you have a clear understanding of which segment of the mum market you’re trying to reach. Because, otherwise, you can be wasting a hell of a lot of money.” – Katrina McCarter

Listen to discover:
1. Why B2C businesses need to improve their marketing to mums
2. Why mums are unhappy with the way companies undertake their marketing
3. The two biggest mistakes in marketing to mums…

• Businesses target too broadly
• Lack of understanding of their segment of the mum audience

4. Why stereotyping and assumptions are a big marketing mistake; the disconnect between marketing and reality in the mum market
5. Results from Katrina’s survey of 1300 millennial mums during lockdown, with themes including affordability/family finances; changing purchasing habits; a boom in self-care and putting health needs first and a trend towards sustainability and minimalism
6. Introducing the ‘tech first’ mum
7. Why written testimonials have the greatest influence on a sale
8. How the desire for convenience and time drives purchasing decisions
9. Opportunities for female owned businesses; tell your brand story to build a relationship of trust
10. The increasing influence of grandmothers, a new emerging sector.

“There are 6.2 million mums here in Australia, collectively responsible for spending $132 billion every single year. To put that into perspective, research shows us that if mums were an industry, this group would actually be our largest contributor to GDP.”
Take action!

  • Mums are the powerhouse of our economy; responsible for 80% of consumer spending in this country. How well do you know them? How well do they know you? Is now the time to rethink your strategy to target mums?
  • Consider a marketing to mums masterclass – educating brands and businesses about the mum landscape in Australia and the opportunities that are available.