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To lead, you must also follow; Know your model; Curbing burnout to boost wellness; To improve global prosperity, hire better managers

To lead, you must also follow – the topic of leadership is a favourite of mine and it is certainly keenly discussed whenever I meet with clients – the challenges of motivating others to succeed as well as how to present and be perceived as a leader. Herein lies a further challenge, as by trying to demonstrate your exceptional abilities as a leader, you may compromise your ability to lead.

Lightbulbs Versus Mandates; Level Up Leadership; Defining the Qualities of Leadership; How to be Great at Work

Lightbulbs versus mandates – as a leader, how many times have you unintentionally wasted your employees’ time with unnecessary work or a throwaway comment? Stanford Professor Bob Sutton’s ‘blueberry muffin’ story highlights a simple case that I’m sure we’ve all seen… and probably done ourselves.