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Applying a game plan to your business

featuring Rob Nankervis with Andy Gowers

In Episode Eight of the Propelling Performance Podcast, Rob speaks with Andy Gowers, Business Development Manager, Cranage Financial Group. After a successful career as an elite AFL player with Hawthorn and Brisbane Football Clubs, and a mentor and Director with Hawthorn, Andy successfully transitioned from sportsperson to entrepreneur. Using real life case studies from his sporting career and learnings in business, Andy draws parallels between elite sport and business performance, discusses the benefits of applying a scoreboard approach, and how every leader can look to elite sport for high performance inspiration.

“If the mission is inspiring enough, if you get a team of committed people, who are working together and they’re all on the same pathway… you’ll have your moment.” – Andy Gowers

Listen to discover:

Stick to the game plan – how years of AFL training gave Andy the tools to help his wealth clients during the GFC, working closely with them to ‘stay the course’

Lessons for businesses from elite teams – why feedback that is constant and direct, positive and affirming is more valuable

Applying a scoreboard to your business and using metrics to drive performance

Case Study: Measuring and acting on metrics: Cyril Rioli and his 2015 Norm Smith Medal

Case Study: “Make your teammate the best player”: The team rule that took the Brisbane Bears to their first ever Grand Final in 1995

Case Study: Talent or Perseverance: Jason Dunst and 100 goals a week

Why ‘talent’ is the most over-rated word in elite sport – “it’s the ‘non-talent’ aspects that make a difference – determination, commitment, motivation and courage.”

Mistakes and gaps between sporting teams and businesses, and how we can learn from these parallels…

  • Lack of clarity in goals
  • No team contribution to business direction
  • Poor, irregular communication -“annual performance reviews are ridiculous.”

Why businesses should take on the urgency of the sports setting – “working to a timeframe should be critical”

Building a performance culture in your own business – make a shared commitment to an inspiring mission. ‘We’re all in this together.’

Succession is everyone’s task – mentor, train and educate others.

“It happens with every club and it happens with every business. There are multiple challenges you face, things that don’t go the way you hope or expect and you need to adjust. High performance cultures bear all these things in mind, and move towards their goal.” – Andy Gowers

Recommendations for leaders – two important questions.

Question 1: I don’t know, what do you think? 

The most powerful question a leader can ask is I don’t know, what do you think? Teach, don’t tell. Throw it back to the person and see what they think. Then help them workshop their solution.

Question: What is best for the organisation?

“If you put the organisation first in all dealings, it’s pretty hard to go wrong. People will come and go, but if you want the organisation to flourish and thrive, you need to put it first.”

Take action!

  • What’s your Ikigai? It’s a combination of four things – what you are good at, what you love, what the world needs and what you can be rewarded for. A combination of all four will improve happiness, increase satisfaction and performance.
  • Reflect on how you would use this to coach your own direct reports, and through your organisation.



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Andy Gowers_Profile Pic

Andy Gowers

Business Development Manager, Cranage Financial Group

Rob Nankervis – Podcast guests – Season 2

Andy Gowers is a business growth specialist, premiership AFL player and Board member, mentor and ‘super connector’. With a specialty in succession and a love of the entrepreneurial spirit, Andy loves helping people achieve their goals. Prior to establishing his business, Andy played 12 AFL seasons, a total of 140 games with both Hawthorn and Brisbane Football Clubs, including a 1991 Hawks premiership, and had a 10-year radio and TV career as a sports commentator. Andy is an experienced wealth management specialist, and AICD graduate.