Propelling Performance Podcast

Episode – One

How to analyse, protect and use your business’ intellectual assets

featuring Rob Nankervis with Andrew Chalet

In Episode One of the Propelling Performance Podcast, Rob and intellectual property expert, Andrew Chalet discuss the ‘hidden’ value in your business, and how to protect it and use it to your advantage.

“In business, people have to examine where their value is being created – protect it and use it and not waste it. That’s the key.” – Andrew Chalet

Listen to discover:

  • Typical barriers to assessing Intellectual Property
  • How to identify your Intellectual Property assets
  • Recognising the value in your business
  • The advantages of an external Intellectual Property Audit
  • How an employee agreement can impact Intellectual Property
  • How an Intellectual Property Audit helped a company in crisis
  • The value of an Intellectual Property Audit during a company sale or strategic exit
  • How to get the most out of the Intellectual Property in your own business
  • Why you should look at your assets strategically with a view to commercialisation
  • When is the best time to do an Intellectual Property Audit on your business

Take Action

  • Look at your business creatively. Really look at why it works.
  • Think critically about your processes, your people. Why do you think you’re being successful?
  • What part of the business model is giving you the market edge? Are you doing all you can to protect and commercialise that in some way?
  • Don’t underestimate the level of intellectual assets, ideas and creativity you have in your business.

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Andrew Chalet

Andrew Chalet

Partner at Thomson Greer and Intellectual Property Specialist

Rob Nankervis – Podcast guests – Season 1

Andrew Chalet specialises in the commercialisation of intellectual property; technology transactions; intellectual property audits, registration and enforcement; privacy, data protection and information technology. Andrew is particularly focussed on small and medium sized enterprises.

Andrew has been recognised by his peers as one of the Best Lawyers in Australia for his expertise in Commercial Law (2013-2020) and Biotechnology Law (2014 – 2020).

Andrew is a member of the Intellectual Property Society for Australia and New Zealand and the International Trademark Association