The world of professional coaching for executives has soared in recent years. Increasingly, senior leaders all over the globe are turning to executive coaching to take their performance to the next level. The most powerful, influential leaders all understand the innate value of executive coaching; Steve Jobs regularly participated in executive coaching when he ran Apple, as did Jeff Bezos as founder and CEO of Amazon, and Eric Schmidt as Executive Chairman of Google.

Eric Schmidt is a firm believer in the idea that everyone needs a coach. Hear what he has to say about executive coaching.

Schmidt Everyone needs a coach Video Fortune

Schmidt Everyone needs a coach Video Fortune

Discover how executive coaching can help you achieve your personal and professional goals

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Executive coaching is not counselling, psychology or psychotherapy. It’s not about pathology or dealing with weaknesses. Rather, coaching is a future-focused, strengths-based program. The whole objective of executive coaching is to help business leaders see new possibilities, explore their potential and positively work to build on their strengths.

The key benefits you will gain from executive coaching are:

  • Dedicating time to reflect on your strengths, weakness and opportunities, and therefore a deeper understanding of yourself
  • Building awareness to help remove roadblocks
  • Gaining clarity and perspective to increase confidence
  • Having a safe, objective environment to test your thinking
  • Structuring around your goals to accelerate your achievements
  • Achieving tangible results from a focus on purpose, prioritisation and productivity

Accordingly, Rob’s role as a coach is to ask the tough questions. By tackling the tough questions objectively, Rob will guide your discovery, inspire focused action, hold you accountable, and create immediate and lasting results.Not only that, Rob’s executive coaching will assist you in becoming a more effective leader and significantly progress your executive development.

Rob is a Certified Organisational Coach (Level Two) from the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership, accredited by the International Coach Federation. Rob offers coaching to leaders with a desire for learning and growth who are looking for a breakthrough to a new level of high performance, clarity, focus, direction, balance and quality of life.


Reflecting on our journey I truly believe Rob’s approach and tools allowed us to move faster than had we navigated the challenges alone.

I strongly believe trust is earned. It is a generated through the consistent demonstration of both great character and competence. Rob has oodles of both!”
Nick Beckett
Consultant & Strategic Advisor, ex-CEO of Dimple
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