Reading the conditionsPhoto by Nazar Hrabovyi on Unsplash

Since 2005 I’ve run a small acreage farm in regional Victoria and over the years, we’ve had some excellent results with our olive trees. Every couple of years I run a soil test on the farm, giving me an insight into the pH balance and key mineral elements that drive productivity.

That Critical Piece of Information to Guide Decision-Making

It’s the season for getting bare-rooted trees into the ground, so last weekend I bought a chestnut tree for the farm. I was getting ready to plant it out when I saw on the back of the tag that it grows to 10m high and 10m wide.

Obstacle course, sprint or marathon?

I was re-reading Jack Stack’s ‘A Stake in the Outcome’ over the last couple of weeks and a comment he made about the nature of the business race we’re running really jumped out at me. Teams would probably associate their long-term goal, or BHAG as Jim Collins calls it, as a marathon; an event of […]

What is your saying/doing ratio?

Does the team understand where leaders are steering the ship or is the whole thing misaligned? How strong is the level of organisational trust to follow the course?

How Will You Seize The Day For Your Business?

We recently took a family trip to Wonthaggi, a picturesque, heritage town by the seaside in the Bass Coast Shire of Gippsland. It’s not a place you’d imagine to be one of most significant sites in this state’s history, but behind the calm exterior, there is a fascinating story of seized opportunity.

Building Effective Teams

With the first ball of the 2014 AFL football season already bounced, there’s no doubt that every team is assessing the strength of their bench. For teams that failed to secure a start in last year’s Grand Final, their coaches, boards and playing groups will all be hunting down ways to secure that all-important trophy come September.