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The power of resilience

Last Friday, as usual, I woke at 5.45am, threw on my exercise gear and hit the footpath for a 30 minute run. Morning exercise is a daily ritual for me; come rain, hail or shine.

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How Will You Seize The Day For Your Business?

We recently took a family trip to Wonthaggi, a picturesque, heritage town by the seaside in the Bass Coast Shire of Gippsland. It’s not a place you’d imagine to be one of most significant sites in this state’s history, but behind the calm exterior, there is a fascinating story of seized opportunity.

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Are You a Transformational Leader?

A key challenge for my clients is that the pursuit of fast growth requires a series of transformations in their business. By definition we can’t dramatically drive up performance without making a number of changes: perhaps some different roles and people, a new strategy, a switch of emphasis in the client/product mix, some new execution disciplines and so on.

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Building Effective Teams

With the first ball of the 2014 AFL football season already bounced, there’s no doubt that every team is assessing the strength of their bench. For teams that failed to secure a start in last year’s Grand Final, their coaches, boards and playing groups will all be hunting down ways to secure that all-important trophy come September.

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