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The illusion of certainty

The lifetime customer, the iron-clad supplier, the legislated right to operate – it can all change at the stroke of a pen … or the start of a pandemic.

Certainty is an illusion. If you’re trying to improve performance and drive growth, you can’t just stand still.

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Redefining Peak Performance

Propelling Performance Podcast Episode – Two Redefining peak performance featuring Rob Nankervis with Eric Partaker In Episode Two of the Propelling Performance Podcast, Rob and

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Are you playing the game or imposing yourself?

Spring is high season for sports competition here in Australia – including Australian Football League (AFL) finals, interstate rugby play-offs and thoroughbred horse racing carnivals. So you get a good look at who’s best and who makes up the rest.

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What are you here to do?

Communicating your organisational strategy in one word, or a single phrase is something I advocate strongly during client strategy workshops. The idea is to have a memorable, simple rallying cry, such as IBM’s ‘Think’, Apple’s competitively positioned ‘Think Differently’ or Southwest Airlines ‘Wheels Up’.

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