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Businesses seeking to drive growth, increase profitability and enhance their valuation have a powerful partner – Rob Nankervis. A highly successful, highly driven businessman, Rob thrives on demystifying organisational change and strategic planning.

A business consultant, advisor and executive coach with over 30 years’ experience, Rob has in-depth expertise across a range of sectors, organisation sizes, ownership structures, and lifecycle stages. Strategic planning, organisational review and managing change are Rob’s speciality. He coaches Founder/Owners, CEOs, and senior executives, supporting them through business performance challenges, growth periods and company transformations.

Drawing on his extensive experience, Rob facilitates strategic growth programs, runs 1:1 executive coaching sessions, leads public Scaling Workshops and Masterclasses, and is sought as a speaker and media commentator.

His career has encompassed high-level leadership roles and a broad spectrum of consulting assignments. Prior to launching his own practice in 2013 he was a Director of Performance Improvement within Ernst & Young and, earlier, Client Partner and part-owner at boutique leadership advisory firm Oppeus International. Most recently he has been invited onto the Gazelles Global Advisory Board to represent Oceania.


Bachelor of Business (Accounting)

Graduate Diploma in Business Management

Company Director’s Diploma

Certified Organisational Coach


Fellow of CPA Australia

Fellow of the Australian Institute of
Company Directors

Fellow of the Governance Institute of Australia

“As leaders, the further we climb, the greater challenges we face.”


Work With Rob


Attend Rob’s Scaling Up Workshop and walk away with your own one-page plan that builds on four critical business decisions - People, Strategy, Execution, Cash - and a clear vision for the year ahead.


Executive and Team Coaching with Rob is future-focused and strengths-based. You’ll see new possibilities, explore potential and positively work to build your strengths. Take your performance to the next level.


Drawing on methodology from the best-selling books Scaling Up and Mastering the Rockefeller Habits and his own extensive experience, Rob will help you clarify purpose, determine strategic goals and deliver results-driven action.

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In this conversation with Rob, he will take stock of where you are in your business development,
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"I strongly believe trust is earned. It is generated through consistent demonstration of both great character and competence. Rob has oodles of both! Rob Nankervis is a rock star… and more importantly, a valued and trusted friend.”
Nick Beckett
Consultant & Strategic Advisor, ex-CEO of Dimple
"Rob is one of those people who will go the extra mile and bring his knowledge, experience and network to the table, adding massive value to his clients and colleagues. As a fellow Business Coach I recommend Rob as a great source of guidance and wisdom.”
Andres Zylberberg
Business Growth Coach and Scaling Up Certified Coach
"Rob has helped our Management Team focus on strategic planning and establishing more rigorous goal setting processes through quarterly workshops. His personality and skill sets have made this an enjoyable journey and the outcomes are flowing through to our day to day business.”
Daniel Crawford
General Manager Hallam Truck Centre